STVRSCREAM is an independent clothing brand created by Nicolas ELIE DIT COSAQUE. Young self-taught designer of 21 years.

The brand was created at first because, the creator had problems to find clothes that fit perfectly on him. Instead of follow what basic brands are offering. That’s why the idea was to create his own clothes. HE started to make customs on his clothes then started to created full pieces. 

Helped by a close friend to the name of Noé aka « Chucki ». The inspirations of this brand are based on the series of films « transformers ». The entire universe of the brand is shot around the key scenes of the films (shooting locations, apparence of robots).

People can also find references to retro gaming characters for exemple Megaman.

Our Objectives:

- No body shamming: STVRSCREAM clothes are made for everyone.

- Every items are unisex: We don’t have men or women sections, there is only the shop where you can find the items.

- Every items are sewed by the creator himself at his home.